Beyond Meat Beefy Crumble Tacos

At age 15, Kid Two has transitioned to becoming an almost-vegetarian eater. But he’s a growing boy, and his body often craves protein. I’ve been doing my best with tofu and experimenting with seitan – both with quite a bit of success, but variety is the spice of life, right? So I jumped at this opportunity to sample and create a recipe for these new BeyondMeat Beef Crumbles. BeyondMeat is a pretty interesting company; backed byRead the Rest »

amuse bouche sierramar

Because an “amuse bouche” should actually be amusing

There are some things – images, tastes, sounds – that separate the forest and the trees, the dancer and the dance, the beautiful and the sublime. You stumble across them in the most unlikely moments, making every encounter with magnificence that much more magnificent. Here is one of those things – the most “amusing” amuse bouche ever:   This, straight from the imagination of Post Ranch’s Sierra Mar restaurant chef John Cox. It’s a test tube filledRead the Rest »


Watermelon salad for a summer BBQ

We are not a particularly Handy Family, so I was surprised when LL suggested we spend Memorial Day weekend sanding and revarnishing the kitchen cabinets. They definitely needed to be slathered with love after all these years of heavy use (18 years, really, since we built the kitchen? Wow!) And we had the time – when you live next to the beach, you tend to stay away from it on days the crowds appear. LikeRead the Rest »


Hot weather celery salad

Our fog is M.I.A. I’ve lived next to the Monterey Bay for 24 years as of this past April Fool’s Day, and I can’t remember a year in which there have been so many days with temperatures over 80 degrees here at the beach. I just checked on the Weather Underground Almanac: 15 days this calendar year so far, including 4 in January. Generally, once the air here heats to a toasty 75 or so itRead the Rest »

Everything Eats: Humpback Whales in the Monterey Bay

Truly one of the most amazing, magical, unusual sights in the world: Yes – that’s a whale. A humpback whale, lunge feeding less than 20 yards from shore near New Brighton State Beach in Santa Cruz County. The humpbacks showed up a month or so ago, following massive schools of anchovies into the Monterey Bay. I used to get a thrill seeing far-distant spouts from the beach. NEVER did I think whales would show upRead the Rest »


Balsamic zucchini “chips” with garlic and almonds

The zucchini harvest has begun! I’m not yet regretting the 5 plants I popped in the ground planning for a summer of squash blossom quesadillas and my dream of edible flower pizza, but the season is young. No doubt in a couple of months I’ll find a monstrous zucchini or two hidden under the scarlet runner beans as in years past and have to do something drastic again. But in the meantime I was excitedRead the Rest »

verve cappie

Verve Coffee Roasters is Just the Best

I’ve long thought that there was very little scientific and technological progress in the Middle Ages because – seeing as water quality was dicey at best – people sat around drinking beer and hard cider all day. Nothing like a steady diet of strong mead to fuel superstition and conflict, right? It’s not by chance the Age of Enlightenment coincided with the mainstream availability of coffee. An entire continent shook off a centuries-long muddled hazeRead the Rest »


The Amazing Texas-Toast-Bacon-and-Egg-Sandwich

Kid Two still loves Texas toast but along the way has acquired a taste for paninis with egg and baby greens with a bit of cheese. It was only a matter of time before he decided to try and combine the buttery crunchiness of Texas toast with savory eggy-ness of his panini. Like all good things, it’s a bit of work, but totally worth it. You have to start by making Texas toast. When that’sRead the Rest »