Ahi Tartare Just Like Michael Mina

One weekend LL and I spent the weekend in San Francisco to see Kiki and Herb at the A.C.T.,  but the show seemed sad and we were happy so we snuck out and walked down to the St. Francis where we went to sit at the bar at the Compass Rose but it was the new Michael Mina (which is the old Michael Mina now) and we were wowed by his tuna tartare. It wasRead the Rest »


Roadside Sausage Sign, San Jose

  There’s a pretty good history of the defunct and demolished Stephen’s Meat Products plant you can read by clicking here. You don’t have to know anything about it, though, to appreciate the lone sign as a testament to times past. Great styling.


Roadside Produce Sign, Highway 152 in Watsonville


How to Prepare a Christmas Dinner Party

Holiday dinner 101 for novices So you’ve bought all the presents, the Xbox Ones and iPads for your closest friends and family, and maybe a Rolex Cosmograph for someone really special. You’ve sent out Christmas cards to everyone else, and it would seem like your holiday obligations are done. That said, Christmas isn’t about “obligations” at all, but rather about spending time with the people you care about. One of the best ways to do that isRead the Rest »

Scrambled Eggs and Waffle Fries

We’ve been enjoying Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show so much this week! He even holds Kid Two’s attention, and my 15-year old cultural critic is a tough nut to crack. And those suits!  I rarely – ok, never – saw his Late Show; just WAY past my bedtime. So even though I’d occasionally catch online clips, I never did appreciate how very creative, polished, and entertaining he is. I always take note when a song talksRead the Rest »

baking cakes in kigali

Cook The Books Club Winner!

Last week Deb from Kahakai Kitchen contacted me asking if I’d guest judge their Cook The Books Club contest for the book “Baking Cakes in Kigali.” Well – yes! The Cook The Books Club is a bimonthly book club and blog event in which the hosts, along with any other interested person, reads a predetermined food-related book, blogs her thoughts, and prepares a dish inspired by the book. Fun! Here are my responses to theRead the Rest »


Keep your potatoes from turning brown

No doubt you’re making all sorts potato dishes this winter, like my favorite potato and spinach au gratin or this tartiflette. Keep your dishes photo-op worthy by following these tips to keep your cut and peeled potatoes from turning brown. First though, a short primer on browning, courtesy Harold McGee’s excellent reference book On Food and Cooking. Foods turn brown in one of two general ways. Non-enzymatic browning happens when foods are exposed to heat. TheseRead the Rest »


Mushroom caps stuffed with red pepper and quinoa

Our friend The Big Boss from work, a man who could, and did, eat two dozen prawns, half a dozen drumsticks, and an additional two pounds of roasted meat at one sitting, has gone practically vegan. I created these mushroom caps stuffed with red pepper and quinoa for him, a winner of an umami-laden dish that feels hearty and satisfying without any of those pesky high carbs, gluten, or dairy products. My only warning isRead the Rest »