What does it mean to cook well?

What does it mean to cook well?

Anthony Bourdain asked the question. I read his book Medium Raw over the summer and got the impression he actually was really curious to know. There are an endless number of answers – love, fun, pride, posterity. As these things go, he and his publisher are holding a contest to see who comes up with the “best” answer. I read through many of the entries and was so interested to hear how cooking is so close to people’s hearts: Cooking to live better. Cooking as a metaphor for life. Cooking to carry on tradition and as a means of bringing people together.

And also as these things go, I went ahead and came up with my own answer. It’s a tougher exercise than you might think, so it took me a while to come up with something that rang true. So here’s a link to my essay, the best answer I could come up with right now: Improvising the Way to Immortality. Enjoy.

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  1. Maggie, I remember Brian and his cooking also. One St. Patrick’s Day Dad and I walked to the restaurant in the pouring down rain. You had mentioned that Brian was cooking corned beef and cabbage and that it would be delicious. A tall, lanky, curly haired, really cute cook delivered our food. He said he heard Maggie’s parents were there and he wanted to meet us because of our beautiful, special daughter. He said he really hoped we enjoyed our meal. It turned out to be the best corn beef and cabbage dinner we have have ever had. It was so worth walking on the pouring down rain.

    We will always remember his smile and our delicious meal. Love, Mom


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