Sometimes I just have to amuse myself (3)

I found the milk carton in the fridge empty on Saturday morning, victim of Kid One’s early-morning pre-work power breakfast of Ezekiel 49 and bananas. Kid Two’s Buddy had spent the night and the remaining boys were promised waffles, but I couldn’t find a milk-less recipe in my Fannie Farmer – although I certainly could have done a Google search with much success. The waffle iron was hot, the eggs were out, so I figured I’d try to make scrambled eggs in the waffle iron. If Alton Brown could cook bacon in there, certainly I owed it to myself to give it a try.

Here is what two eggs cracked into a bowl, sprinkled with salt, whisked to within an inch of their lives, poured into a hot waffle iron sprayed with olive oil, and cooked for 2 minutes look like. The waffled eggs got fluffy and frittata-like while cooking but deflated when met a cool plate and had a very un-egg like texture that was deemed “very weird.” The results on my experiment were unanimous:

Better luck next time.


  1. This totally cracked me up. You were very brave to try to waffle your eggs. I’m guessing you didn’t put syrup on them. Isn’t everything better with real maple syrup?

    Do tell–What did you end up feeding the little darlings? xo

    • Grits with butter and parmesan cheese and smoothies with frozen mixed berries/orange juice/and grossly overripe bananas! They were really hungry an hour later, though, as we were heading to the harbor to get a whole (!) fresh (!) salmon from Fisherman Frank. So we stopped at the Bagelry and they got gobbled up toasted blueberry bagels with piles of cream cheese and Red Rhapsody Odwalla drinks. All before noon!


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