Oatmeal recipe contest from Bob’s Red Mill

Have you ever heard of a spurtle? I had not but am probably in the minority; it’s a traditional Scottish kitchen gadget, a wooden stick used for stirring pots of oatmeal or flipping oatcakes, aka the porridge stick. I’ve also learned there a rich spurtle lore – try saying that 3 times fast! – with traditions and superstitions dating back to Renaissance Scotland. You probably didn’t know that porridge should is properly referred to as “they” and should only be stirred clockwise with the right hand so as not to “evoke the Devil,” did you? I love this stuff. I’ve even been looking at spurtles online; the hand-carved ones are pretty, like rolling pins. Here are a few from Orkcrafts:

Spurtles came to my attention recently after receiving a nice email from the folks at Bob’s Red Mill telling me about their second annual Spar for the Spurtle contest – a wonderfully goofy name for a very serious porridge contest with some pretty big stakes . . . the winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Scotland to participate in this year’s in the Golden Spurtle competition.

Since I do love their products, I decided to pass the news along. All you have to do is submit a short video of you making your own recipe, using oatmeal, by July 20. Click here for rules, guidelines, and entry information. Just be sure to comment below, email me, or tweet to let me know you’ve entered, and Bob’s Red Mill will send you a goody bag for participating.

And no, this isn’t about making the perfect bowl of oatmeal. Here’s a photo of last year’s winning recipe to get your creative juices going . . . it’s a black bean and oatmeal patty with pico de gallo. Good luck!





  1. Hi Maggie,

    I want a spurtle. Maybe even a golden spurtle.

    Love you, Mom

    • I’m glad you let me know, Mom. I’m working on your Christmas list already!


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