Top recipe: Michael Voltaggio makes Josh’s fried chicken

The simplest things are generally the hardest to make well. The challenge in Top Chef Episode 12 was straightforward – make great fried chicken. Josh was the clear winner, brining the meat like his grandpa taught him and making this smoked fried chicken with hot sauce and blue cheese. I love it!

This would be a great dish for a summer weekend dinner with some friends, my favorite dijon potato salad, and a bottle of pinot grigio. Michael Voltaggio shows us how it’s done:


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  1. Phyllis, I do apologize for the late response. I found the new home for the video and have updated the link. You can watch it now to get the recipe, and I will make time to transcribe it early next week and email to you after I do.
    I hope the meal brings some comfort to both you and your daughter. Please feel free to write back and tell me how it turned out and if she was able to enjoy the dish.

    With best regards, Maggie


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