Desserts inspired by modern art

Desserts inspired by modern art

I can’t tell you how much I love this:



Caitlin Freeman, pastry chef at SFMOMA’s Blue Bottle Cafe creates these edible masterpieces inspired by the museum’s works of art. I have complete admiration for those who make the elusive, yet obvious connections and execute them perfectly. Talk about food-meets-art . . . here is her Warhol-inspired Jello:

The museum’s Blue Bottle Cafe is closed until sometime in 2016 for a big museum renovation. Luckily the cafe’s closing coincided with the publication of Freeman’s book “Modern Art Desserts,” a step-by-step guide to creating sweet Mondrians, Liechtensteins, Kahlos, and Diebenkorns of your own. She’s not taking a break, though – you can buy the book and follow her blog. I did, and am looking forward to hearing what she’ll be creating next.


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