One pot meal: chicken-garlic-rice

One pot meal: chicken-garlic-rice

I stumbled across this recipe somewhere online last year and bookmarked it; I liked the one-pot family meal aspect as well as the variation on a 40-clove chicken. It’s simple; just a fryer and rice cooked together slowly in a pot. You can click here for the recipe for Happy Chicken with Loads of Cloves (Roast Chicken and Garlic) courtesy The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. The chicken was incredible moist, as you’d expect, and it wasn’t really garlicky at all; in fact, I felt like it needed a little more seasoning. I would make it again with a bunch of chopped spinach and some white pepper, paprika, and chili flakes.

It’s supposed to serve 4, but we had another entire meal of leftovers. Maybe we just weren’t that hungry? In my mind, it easily would serve 6 – 8 if you have a large chicken and divide it just right.

Bookmark this one for an easy family meal.


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