This is the sign along San Francisco’s Embarcadero marking Teatro ZinZanni. I haven’t been there (yet – dinner with a show is right up my alley) but I do love the sign. Love, Chaos, and Dinner. What a great tag line! It could describe the scene at my house on those evenings when LL has an evening conference call, Kid Two gets home from jiu jitsu at 6, Kid One gets off work at 7, they both have homework left to do, and I decide I’ve got to start prepping something involving lots of chopping, pans, and time like stir-fry or risotto. Chaos. Dinner those nights isn’t served until 8:30 or so, which seems very civilized, but no matter how enjoyable the company and delicious the meal (or perhaps because of it!) I just can’t muster up the energy to start washing the dishes at 10pm. Faced with a dirty kitchen at 6AM, I’m always grateful for, and mindful of, my family’s Love.