Jennifer Aniston DENIES Eating Baby Food!
Jen was rumored to have been the latest celeb to try to the baby food diet, a regimen developed by Gwyneth’s trainer Tracy Anderson that involves eating 14 servings of pureed foods a day.
. . . Jen denies eating actual baby food but there’s no telling whether she puts her food through the blender before consuming it.
-Huffington Post, May 13, 2020

I’m not sure what my thoughts were on baby food when I was an infant, but I wasn’t crazy about it when the kids were babies. Strained carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, plums, and peaches were all fine until they got used to less-liquid textures and consistencies. NO meat in a jar, though, and NO baby food desserts. Mushy food abounds in the world already – cooked lentils, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, bananas or avocado – real food was just a much more appealing (to me) meal for my little guys.

Baby food must be basically a healthy food choice for those who imbibe; after all, we give it to our tiniest little loves. But I’d honestly be horrified if one of my kids decided to go on a baby food diet – the oddity of it is fine but not the obsessiveness it implies. I don’t JUST want the boys to grow up eating healthy food; I want them to grow up having a healthy relationship with food. That’s why the headline made me crazy.

We exist in an Atkins-to Zone alphabet world full of diet plans guaranteed to help achieve some elusive physical “perfection.”  Cabbage Soup Diet. Beverly Hills Diet. Mediterranean Diet. Scarsdale Diet. Blood Type Diet. Sugar Busters Diet. There’s a hardly a high-protein/low-carb or high-carb/low-fat combination combination that hasn’t been thought of . . . until now. NOW there’s The Baby Food Diet.

The story isn’t really about Jennifer Aniston at all. It’s about our celebrity-obsessed, body-obsessed culture reaching out for another magic bullet – a shortcut to perfection to make our lives complete. It’s boring to hear that it’s really a never-ending path littered with hard work.

We are what we eat, you know. So the Baby Food Diet is really just a bunch of ca-ca. Anyone who’s ever changed a dirty diaper will agree.