Two weeks since the last post. An eon in the online world but in real life just the blink of an eye. In this time, signs are suddenly visible that a new season is at hand. Blazing patches of poppies, nasturtium, and alstroemeria dot the roadways. Blackbirds buzz both humans and hawks, jealously guarding their nests. Stray ladybugs flail in the sand. Early morning are draped with a light salty fog that slowly rolling away to reveal early evenings warm and bright.

I’ve swapped my Ugg boots for flip-flops.

This new season is creeping into our local market, too. Dungeness crab has disappeared (from what I know, available only in months containing the letter “R.”) After some uncertainty, commercial salmon season did open, and the limited number of fresh steaks and fillets seem to sell quickly despite a $24.99/pound price tag. The dozen or so squash are relocated to a bottom bin under  bushels of asparagus. Golden beets and the first ears of corn have made their appearance, as has . . . ta-da! Stone fruit – the first tiny juicy apricots and plums, perfectly ripe from California orchards, the ultimate harbinger of the season.

The school year is drawing to a close, marking a new season in the lives of the boys. Kid Two’s interests and personality are suddenly teenager-like, and Kid One, newly eighteen and graduating from high school, is suddenly more adult. He’s wondering what the next year will be like for him. I think he’ll find that milestones are just markers for our memories but from one season to the next, life is much the same, only different.