Summer is arriving in my house like a flock of seagulls on a leftover picnic. Fast and furious. Looking backward from the end of this week: Saturday night – a 25-person family and friends graduation party at our house, and that morning a birthday party for my 8-year old nephew at the bowling alley. Friday, the last day of school for Kid Two, is traditionally a beach day, but first I’ll be delivering a 1400-piece DVD duplication project I’ve just started – a rush job, the timing somewhat inconvenient, but I take work as it comes. Tomorrow is Kid One’s high school graduation, and I still have to pick up a few packs of tissues for our misty eyes. Tonight I’m taking dinner to an elderly neighbor (a story for another day), and in a few minutes am leaving to pick up my parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew from the airport.

Convenience foods seem very appealing right now. I’m thankful for bag salad, rotisserie chickens, ripe fruit, bread and cheese, and quart bags of bolognese sauce and soup (unlabeled and unremembered) frozen in the recent past.

What I’m really craving, though, but will have to wait for, is this Leek and Potato Salad my friend posted on Parsenip. If any of you have time to make it this week, let me know how it tastes!