I love to see or hear something that completely surprises and delights me. Usually it’s Kid One or Kid Two that come up with something, ideas of theirs that make me extraordinarily happy to be their mother. Out in the world, though, I’m always appreciative of creativity and insight but it doesn’t often make me laugh.

So I was thrilled when friend (thank you Sarah!!) found this on Boing Boing. Further blurring the line between food and art, photographer Carl Kleiner and stylist Evelina Bratell created what I think is a very cool, completely innovative collection of photos to illustrate Ikea’s new cookbook, Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best). Go to Mr. Kleiner’s website to see the rest – Number 4 is my favorite.

Here’s the Boing Boing link for you to check out: Obsessive ingredient photos for cookbook – Boing Boing.