Kid One chose Cooking as a high school elective several years ago, thinking it a good balance to a tough semester packed with honors chemistry, geometry, and Spanish. I guess it wasn’t quite that easy, though, because halfway through the semester he found himself in need of a few extra points. His very agreeable teacher – face it, anyone who teaches high school has got to be fairly agreeable – gave him the extra credit assignment to prepare a dish to share with the class. I took pictures of him cooking just in case he wanted to prove he did the actual work. Kid One, being Kid One, kicked it up the proverbial notch and made this video. I have NO idea how he found this song – it was a tiny stroke of genius. The class was suitably fed and entertained, and he got his credit.

Recipe for Italian Meatballs from The Joy of Cooking, music and lyrics by Lil Johnson. You can take it as a cooking demonstration or as pure entertainment; either way, here for you is the world premiere of Meatballs (the video):

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