I found the milk carton in the fridge empty on Saturday morning, victim of Kid One’s early-morning pre-work power breakfast of Ezekiel 49 and bananas. Kid Two’s Buddy had spent the night and the remaining boys were promised waffles, but I couldn’t find a milk-less recipe in my Fannie Farmer – although I certainly could have done a Google search with much success. The waffle iron was hot, the eggs were out, so I figured I’d try to make scrambled eggs in the waffle iron. If Alton Brown could cook bacon in there, certainly I owed it to myself to give it a try.

Here is what two eggs cracked into a bowl, sprinkled with salt, whisked to within an inch of their lives, poured into a hot waffle iron sprayed with olive oil, and cooked for 2 minutes look like. The waffled eggs got fluffy and frittata-like while cooking but deflated when met a cool plate and had a very un-egg like texture that was deemed “very weird.” The results on my experiment were unanimous:

Better luck next time.