Meet my mom and dad, Grandma Juju and Downtown Tom. Despite their four kids and seven grandkids, they’ve been channeling coolness ever since they moved from our childhood home to a rehabbed hat factory-turned-hipster loft in downtown St. Louis.

They’ve been on a road trip recently- not on the Vespa! – to Montana. They called from the Museum of the Rockies to say how blown away they were by the dinosaur exhibit. And they sent a postcard from Old Faithful. We didn’t hear from them again until they were on their way home, with news of an excellent find: Grandpa’s Daylight Doughnuts in Burlington, Colorado.

Now, my parents are what you might call doughnut connoisseurs. When we kids were growing up, most Sundays my Dad headed to an excellent doughnut shop somewhere on The Hill and picked out a dozen or so for our breakfast. It was probably a 10 or 15 minute drive each way from the house; there were certainly closer doughnuts, but none as good. Then if the weather was nice, we’d go to Forest Park eat at the Zoo; sometimes when it wasn’t so nice we’d go to Forest Park anyway and sit under the awnings in front of the Muny Opera. Here I am on one of those long-ago Sunday mornings, not channelling coolness in the least, but looking verrry happy with my breakfast:

Back to Mom and Dad’s road trip. When they got hungry driving east on Highway 70 from Cheyenne, Wyoming to a family wedding in Kansas City, they thought they may get lucky finding a bakery of some sort. They exited at the first available town: Burlington, Colorado. They cruised around until they found a promising place: Grandpa’s Daylight Donuts. And it was better than promising; Mom said they’ve truly never had better doughnuts, ever. Plus, Grandpa’s had the extra ambiance bonus – they swooned that it had the small town mom-and-pop doughnut shop feel they grew up with. If that wasn’t enough, the proprietor, George Robbins, brought sample of his old fashioned honey oat bran doughnut to their table, and he took the time to explain how he made this:

It’s a pine cone doughnut – little strips of cinnamon-tinged glazed doughnuts all layered and fried together to resemble an enormous pine cone.

So take it from Grandma Juju and Downtown Tom – if you ever happen to drive past Burlington, Colorado, be sure to stop at Grandpa’s Daylight Donuts for a snack. And tell George Robbins they said hello!