It’s been a foggy few weeks so the tomatoes are slow to ripen. Even the Oregon Spring plants, a supposedly early variety that doesn’t mind damp weather. While waiting and weeding, LL and I have been indulging in a guilty summer brain-candy pleasure – the reality TV show “Ice Loves Coco.” Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco, renowned for her quite curvy figure, are a little wacky, which is appealing – but they’re also portrayed as being smart, sweet, and very much in love, the complete opposite of most other reality-type shows I’ve seen. Best of all they are nice and well-meaning – the complete opposite of most anyone on the news lately.

The first Oregon Spring tomato ripened this weekend. LL gave it one look and promptly named it the Coco Tomato. “It’s a voluptuous tomato with a thin stem,” he explained. Mmm-hmm. If Coco sees this post I’m sure she will take it as the complement it’s intended. My only problem is I’m not sure we can eat it now.

Here is Coco:

Image courtesy

and here is our Coco Tomato:

Is he right?