It’s been a wild ride around here lately! The boys each survived their fall semesters with honors, and their parents survived our two birthdays – both of us hobbling around for some period of time (stitches for mom, surgery for dad). There was a small but very messy kitchen fire and a long and protracted turning of the kitchen into a madhouse of bread baking, cheese making, soup simmering, and root beer tasting. This year I made LL his traditional picture book and video as well as goodie bags for many of our friends: a Christmas mix CD, two kinds of zucchini pickles, bacon jam, ollalie-peary jam, and depending on distance, calendula chèvre. I’ve got sticky notes all over the place with my improvised recipes that I will eventually share. In the meantime, take a peek into my mad scientist kitchen of 2010:

[print_gllr id=3447]


Happy holidays to all!