On the sparkling azure Sea of Cortez on Sunday morning, between the Loreto marina and Isla Coronado, stars aligned and the universe presented us with a truly magnificient sight: 300+ bottle nose dolphins in a feeding frenzy, diving and slapping and gliding underneath our transport, Captain Francisco Davis’ fishing boat the Pajaro.

The dolphins dove and herded in packs. I was lucky enough to catch one’s face in this shot.

Francisco told us he named his boat Pajaro because his father used to say that being out on the water made him feel free as a bird.

Look to the left – the dolphins were directly under our boat, and the water was clear enough to make out their outlines. You can even this this one’s white belly.

The dolphins sounded like Darth Vader as they breathed hard before slapping the sea with powerful tails to herd their prey, then diving deep for a mouthful.

A pair of bottle nose dolphins dive in unison for their Sunday brunch.

Kid One, caught up in the spectacle of the moment, asked the Captain’s permission to jump overboard and join them. He was very brave; the water was about 65 degrees and the dolphins outnumbered him by about 300 to 1.

I’m impressed to have raised a child with a strong sense of carpe diem, but am mostly relieved he had the upper body strength to pull himself back on the boat!

A true once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a rare opportunity to be humbled by the majesty of the world around us.