If you are high-tech or business-minded, you may be familiar with the term “FUD,” a word coined by computer entrepreneur Gene Amdahl to describe a marketing technique of using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt against competitors.

If you’re a grrrrl on the go, you may know FUD to stand for Female Urinary Device, a nifty contraption that lets you stand up to pee just like the guys do.

If you’re familiar with Scottish English, you probably refrain from saying the word, since it has used in a way roughly equivalent to the 4-letter word that starts with “c” and rhymes with “punt.”

But here’s a new FUD to me. I actually laughed when I saw it in the cold case at Loreto’s Supermercado El Pescador while I was browsing around for an island picnic lunch the day of our dolphin adventure:

It turns out FUD, pronounced “food,” also stands for Fino, Unico y Delicioso, or, refined, unique, and delicious – a noble aim for processed lunchmeat. It’s a major brand name of ham, bologna, and bacon – think Oscar Mayer of Latin America. FUD, as the name stands, would be a tough sell in the U.S.  I sometimes read stories about product names being lost in translation. This would be one of those, as it appears to rhyme with “dud.” And “cud.”

We skipped the FUD. It wasn’t just the name; I just really didn’t want to go to Mexico to eat bologna, and the street tacos were just much more fresh and delicious-looking.