The beach is really a reflection of the ocean’s current events. I didn’t know this before I had the chance to live here, walking on the sand with the pup and Kids each evening. It’s never the same from day to day. Even though seagulls’ and sandpipers’ leftovers litter the sand year-round, they eat seasonally – sometimes clams, sometimes oysters. Based on the evidence, lately they’ve been feasting on crazy-looking crabs.

Usually stormy winter months offer up smoothly worn pebbles, spring’s tides bring driftwood, and summer’s flatter seas offer up mounds of kelp. Beach glass and sand dollars are rare and coveted.


Once we found the beach littered with velella velella, by-the wind-sailors, free-floating creatures that nosh on plankton as trade winds  blow them around the world:

Today it was bits and pieces of purple-striped jellyfish, chrysaora colorata. The pup was was quite interested in the fishy-smelling blobs; if he had a little peanut butter, he may have been more tempted to take a nibble. Or maybe not.