I know a few things about zebrafish, much of it from writing Animalfish Alphabet. I know that they are small, non-aggressive, inexpensive aquarium fish. They are native to Southeast Asian rivers and streams. They easy to breed and produce transparent embryos, so scientists love to study them. They were the first fish in outer space. Our bala sharks think they are a tasty treat.

You have a chance to see if zebrafish are a tasty treat, too, if you live in a state that allows the sale and possession of GloFish®. If this is for real, you’ll have an interesting conversation dish at your next dinner party. Assuming your guests don’t mind reading the advised safety essay that begins, “Are Transgenic Fluorescent Zebrafish Safe for Humans?”

Go ahead and watch the video – it’s only 2:22 seconds out of your life. I guarantee you’ll be amused – unless you’re horrified.


I’m going to pass. My boys are already scared of Jell-O.