A few weeks ago, before St. Louis temperatures turned to the sweltering triple-digits, my dad Downtown Tom was on a baking frenzy, concocting treats for my mother, brothers and sisters, and niece and nephews from the groovy concrete kitchen of his rehabbed hat factory-turned-urban loft. He sent me photos since I’m not around to sample his delicacies. Luckily he’s as good a photographer as he is a cook – these are all great pictures! Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page; he also sent a pretty good cookie recipe for you to try.

He’s definitely mastered the cinnamon roll. This last batch is perfectly browned and buttery-looking; very drool-worthy:


Key Lime Pie, I’m not so sure. He sent me this photo with the line, “We followed directions. Pie was chewy.” Since following directions is not a family trait, though, I’m really not surprised it turned out like this:


And finally, the cookies. He copied this recipe from an old cookbook he had laying around, using dried cranberries in place of the coconut. whole wheat flour in place of the Rice Krispies, and omitting the chocolate chips. It looks like a nice dense cookie, and not too sweet – a perfect snack for my niece and nephews when go to visit:

Here’s the recipe for you to try and substitute as you see fit: