This one may get the icky props. Thanks to my my friend Teresa McGrath, I got to see something out of the ordinary, at least, in my world. She writes:

Survival of the fittest at its best. I was sitting by the pool and watched as this wasp grabbed (yes, with all of its legs like a bear hug) this caterpillar off of the plant next to me. The wasp chewed into it until its guts came out – the black stuff – and then ate some. This photo is of him finishing off the back end of the poor guy. Fascinating.

Fascinating but kind of ewww. It reminds me of the time we’d been vacationing in the Sierras, a family trip. We were in the car driving home and LL got a pained look on his face and said he got a bite. He pulled over on the side of Highway 4, stuck his hand inside his shirt over his shoulder, and came out with a handful of green caterpillar goo. It’s still pretty traumatic to remember!