Some families watch baseball, others lean toward Survivor or X Factor . . . we watch cooking competitions. Next Food Network Star, Top Chef, and Iron Chef all reign supreme around our house, and sometimes while we’re walking pup we challenge each other to come up with dishes for outrageous, imaginary Chopped baskets.

So it was probably just a logical step for LL to challenge Kid Two to come up with a cooking video of his own. He does cook a bit, and not just by toasting his own frozen waffles. He’s a master of scrambled eggs and Julia Child’s chocolate mousse, he makes pizza dough, minces veggies, and rolls out ravioli. But It took the free time of summer vacation before Kid Two could take his dad up on the challenge, and today presented him with a belated Father’s Day gift – the first installment in California Kid Kitchen: Scrambled Eggs. I just love this so much, on many different levels. In the most basic way, he really does teach kids how to scramble eggs, assuming no knowledge but without talking down to anyone. And it very much captures his laid-back personality, tossing out information when interesting and/or necessary, but not filling empty space with words. No worries that the stove was dirty, or that he used a knife to do the scrambling. Plus, he composed the background music himself!

So without further ado, here it is . . . California Kid Kitchen Episode One: Scrambled Eggs. Made with love from Kid Two to LL for Father’s Day 2012.

[youtube 5XBcTJUJzk4 nolink]