My Kids are pretty good at finding the fun things on YouTube – I never would have known about Magical Trevor or Gangnam Style on my own. It’s not that I don’t have the time; I’m really just not clued in enough. The newest YouTube discovery is Kahn Academy mathematician Vi Hart’s channel. We almost mastered the hexaflexagon, folding strip of strip of paper into perfect equilateral triangles and folding them in on themselves, when she wondered why you had to make these cool folding origami-like disks with paper? Why not use . . . food?

So if you find yourself with an extra large flour tortilla and want to make your kids sing for their supper, consider sitting them down in front of a computer with a plate of guacamole to makeĀ hexaflexamexagons. That sounds like a really bad idea now that I write it down. You should probably have a couple of big towels handy. Check it out, though, she’s totally fun:

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