Cafe Gratitude Sign


What is perfect in your life? That’s not a question you hear very often, especially not when ordering at a restaurant. But that’s the question posed to me by the server at Santa Cruz’s Cafe Gratitude, specializing in organic, vegan, raw cuisine.

I’d been doing errands downtown and was thirsty in a craving-some-nourishment way. Random thoughts of a McDonald’s burger floated through my head, as they do every now and then, even though I haven’t eaten there in over a decade. I passed Cafe Gratitude on my way to the car, and the menu caught my eye.


The name of every dish is an affirmation. How cool is that? I had to check it out just for the story, and stopped in for an I Am Rejuvenated to go: fresh squeezed apple, lemon, ginger, and wheatgrass juices. Talk about nourishment. I’ve got to tell you, after a 16 ounce glass of that, I wasn’t only rejuvenated – I felt like Wonder Woman. Wow.



Before she handed over that pint of gratitude to carry me through the day, the server asked, “So what is perfect in your life? I thought for just a second. “My kids,” I answered. She nodded and said, “That’s not one I hear very often.” No. The kids aren’t perfect; neither am I, but having them makes life perfect.

What about you – what is perfect in your life?