So far, the verdict is out on my Farm to Table CSA box. I do love the idea of farm fresh fruits and veggies dropped at my door, but in reality it’s an awful lot of produce to deal with at one time. The apples and beets from that first week’s box were tasty, but the pears and kiwi weren’t ripe. And unfortunately, since I left the broccoli and green beans out overnight and they were bad within a day of delivery. Week 2 came too fast, and I wasn’t terribly interested in the contents: even MORE beets, more unripe fruit, a cute little pumpkin, and an uninspiring bitter green I’d never seen before. I compared notes with a friend; turns out she spent her delivery day cooking up dishes and soups with all the vegetables so that nothing went bad – beet greens included. I was ready for a fresh glimmer of possibilities when Week 3’s bounty arrived:


Sorting out the box was like playing a game of I Spy: I spy, with my two eyes . . . a Caesar salad, a broccolini and carrot stir fry, and squash soup. We even got a potato leek fennel soup out of it. I call this a succesful CSA week. And in the interest of giving this box, and the CSA box concept, a fighting chance, I even went crazy and made a pesto from the radish and carrot greens – new pizza topping!