I finally have an excuse to watch tomorrow night’s Miss Universe competition:


In an interesting twist on food meets culture, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, the person who introduced me to cooking competitions via Iron Chef Japan, who never fails to amaze and inspire me with gorgeous bites like this when I catch him on Iron Chef America, is taking all that global cred and eye for beauty and turning it to . . . women. Check this out:


I used to LOVE watching beauty pageants when I was a kid. Seriously – what little girl can resist a Cinderella fantasy come to life in sparkly tiaras carrying long-stemmed roses? The gowns! The heels! Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe – there were years where I didn’t miss a one, sitting on the living room floor with my sister in front of the enormous TV console, watching the parade of beauties and munching popcorn. It was quite the thing, from what I remember.

It’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve watched a Miss anything. I may cringe. Avert my eyes, like I do during the gory scenes in Breaking Bad. I hope I’m not compelled to exercise all the way through. But watch it I will. I will follow Iron Chef Morimoto to the ends of TV-land, wherever that may be.

Will excellent taste in food equal excellent taste in . . . never mind.