This is a call for help!

This Saturday, December 15, our friend Nick Alaga is doing a mile-long swim around the Santa Cruz Wharf with his group Will Swim For Food. Their goal is to raise $40,000 for the Second Harvest Food Bank. It’s a relatively crazy, thing to do, I think, although the water is a relatively balmy 56 degrees right now. . . but hunger is a crazier. I often take for granted just how fortunate I am to afford to make a variety of healthy meals for my family. That’s definitely not the case everywhere – Second Harvest supplies food to over 55,000 people per month – a staggering 21% of the our county’s population of 264,000.

Will Swim For Food has raised 97% of their goal – as of right now they are only $1100 short. Can you help raise the rest, either by donating directly or be spreading the word to your friends and colleagues? Even $5.00, the price of tomorrow’s latte, will help feed someone in need.

Thank you!

Here is the link to Nick’s fundraising page:

And here is the main page for Will Swim For Food: