Here’s a quick shout-out to the best chocolate almonds I’ve ever tasted: Gary & Kit’s Napa Valley Chocolate Almonds. These aren’t anything you will find in the supermarket – I discovered them in the in-room fridge at the super-luxe Post Ranch Inn – but they are well worth buying online. The almonds are roasted, the chocolate coating is powdery, not candy-like, and bittersweet, with a hint of salt. These are seriously the perfect blend of nutty and sweet.

Buy them here online directly from the Clif Family Winery – three tins for $24.00. Nibble on one or two as a midday treat and share them as with your dinner guests along with a nice port and goat cheese. Just don’t let your kids eat them in one sitting. They will.

By the way, Life in a Skillet has no association or connection to Clif Family Winery. This is just a fabulous treat you should know about.