“Of course it is wifey, I knew it,” is how Stefan greets fellow contestant Kristen Kish in a picturesque outdoor Alaskan forest kitchen as they meet again for their Last Chance cookoff.

“I really, really want a victory,” Kristen tells the camera. “In the end I think it would be entertaining if I beat him.”

“It will be super-sad, but I can’t wait to beat her,” Stefan tells the camera.

“Is this divorce time now?” Tom asks the two. “It might be,” they agree, laughing. Joking aside, Tom points out that this season, Stefan has been on the bottom four times, one-third of all the challenges. In honor of all the time Stefan has spent at the bottom, he gives them offal to cook with, “bottom of the barrel ingredients,”  Tom explains.

Kristen and Stefan joke and flirt as they cook offal together in the woods.  Kristen goes for chicken livers, prepared with pickled fruit and a garlic and mustard caramel. toasted bread and herb salad. confident she can make

Stefan made beuschel, a southern German dish, incorporating tripe, and heart into a cream broth with  bread galette, topped with liver and a parsley salad.

Watch below to see which chef takes home the Last Chance Kitchen victory:

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