Does everybody have to be crazy today?
-asks Liz Lemon during the series finale of 30 Rock

It was a food-filled season finale to seven years of 3o Rock. Seven years! A show we’ve been enjoying for half of Kid Two’s life. It seemed fitting, somehow, to have a picnic dinner in front of the television to enjoy the final episode together.

They did a great job winding up series; what else would you expect? And yes, it was really very funny. I probably laughed a little too hard when Chris pointed out to Liz that in their family, she functioned best as the dad. “I do like ignoring your questions while I’m trying to watch TV,” she agreed.

But since we are Top Chef fans, we loved the touch of real life-meets-fiction in a bit where Jenna and Jack discuss Liz. “You know Liz,” Jenna says. “She can hold a grudge.” And Jack agreed, “She did want me to cancel Top Chef because Colicchio’s lunch place changed the toppings on her favorite salad.” Then later in the episode Jack tries to make amends with Liz, telling her he doesn’t want to be on her grudge list. Liz’s response? “Which reminds me, why am I still seeing new Top Chefs with that bald salad ruiner?”

Bald salad ruiner. I don’t know, Liz – I’ve had chances to eat at ‘Wichcraft both in Las Vegas and in New York, and there is nothing bad about Tom Colicchio’s salads!

Did you watch it? Do you know . . .

  • If Jack Donaghy fulfills his mother’s final wish and finds happiness?
  • If Lutz succeed in ruining their Last Lunch with Blimpies?
  • If Liz decides go back to eating her night cheese and transitioning her pajamas into daywear?
  • If Tracy even show up for the last episode?
  • If Liz ever stops making lemons out of lemonade?

Check it out – you can stay there and watch the 30 Rock season finale right here online.

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