NOOOOO! My dream of an all-female Top Chef finale died when Lizzie was booted off of Episode 14: Kings of Alaska – although though her buns were glorious her salmon lacked seasoning.

Bummer. But she did get one last chance to stay in Top Chef, cooking in the Last Chance Kitchen against … Lizzie guessed right – 3-time Last Chance Kitchen champion Kristen Kish.

The challenge Tom set forth – choose a lovely fresh Alaskan fish and use it to make a dish. Cooking over a campfire. In 30 minutes.

Kristen and Lizzie got right down to work. None of the rivalry, flirtation, smack down, trash talk, and defensive stances we’ve seen on LCK. They had a job to do and set out to do it, as the professionals they are.

Tom Colicchio is worth watching in these Last Chance Kitchen challenges; he’s so much more relaxed and conversational than during the regular Top Chef shows. In this episode, in particular, maybe it’s because there are only two challenges left, he was particularly engaged with the cheftestants.

The two chefs both made a seafood-type stew. Kristen gave her finished dish an Asian flair, cod with coconut broth, lime, chili marinated tomato, corn, and petit herbs.

Lizzie went for salmon redemption – poached salmon stew with fennel, leek, Hungarian paprika, and sweet pepper flakes, a little sweet and hot and comforting. Judge Tom ate quite a bit of her dish, telling her if she’d made that during the elimination challenge she’d not only have NOT gone home, but she would have won.

No spoilers. Click below now to watch the Last Chance Kitchen and see who goes on for a chance at the finale.

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