Several years ago my mother, Queen of all April Fools, arrived for a visit on this very fateful day. The Kids took a shirt box, covered it with frosting, decorated it with early Happy Birthday greetings, and proudly handed it to her as she walked in the door. She was starving exhausted from a long day traveling and didn’t quite make the connection between April Fools and this lovely cake that was very, very tough to cut into. I still kind of feeling bad for fooling her. And it was so easy!

But man, that was nothing but a novice preschool prank compared to what’s going out there online this year. Around the world!



Very funny, Domino’s Japan! And “for breath that sizzles,” how ’bout that Scope Bacon Mouthwash?

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Some of my favorite foodie sites jumped in on the April Fool’s game, of course. Allrecipes jumped into the game with this video on how to boil water that may actually come in handy for some out there!

Food 52 morphed into turned into Food 1952 for the day, with stories like “Pork Cake: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore” and “Chicken Slaughter 101: It’s All in the Wrist,” and they pulled out all the stops with this video “From Udder to Butter:”


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But my favorite, all-time most excellent April Fools’s Foodie Prank, Yummly’s recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel with Sriracha-Ranch Dip. I was stunned at first; seriously stunned. Then  I re-read it, realized what day it was, then laughed until I cried.

Tips and Tricks for Wrangling Squirrels

Learn how to make authentic squirrel mating sounds and use your feminine call to lure muscled male squirrels toward you.

Plant cashews and walnuts in an open field and lay in wait in the tall yellow grass. When your squirrels approach, snatch them up with your bare hands and wrestle them to the ground.

Procure squirrels from your local organic, free-range squirrel farm (some also call it a park). Just make sure you’re up to date on your rabies shots.

Ha! I was the April Fool this year.

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