True story: I once had a gig in espionage. Honestly. I can’t really share any details – statute of limitations and all that – but money and information did change hands, and I operated under a code name. A not-very-cool-sounding code name, but still. Once I let it slip to The Kids, and the look of astonishment on their faces was priceless. I knew I was feeding the fantasies of Spy Kids I was sure ran through their brains, so I kept the mundane-ness of it to myself. Because what kid, really, hasn’t had fantasies of becoming a spy, or discovering his otherwise boring parents had an honest-to-goodness secret agent life?

The dashing Axel Avian, a friend of mine who is an actual career spy, has recently turned to storytelling, drawing on his insider knowledge of the espionage game to tell a pretty great story of Colt Shore, a boy who discovers that, well, that he is part of a family spy dynasty. His life changes in an instant and becomes packed with gadgets and castles and rock stars, and it’s all quite exciting and thrilling . . . just ask Kid Two, who gave the story and early read for Axel and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up . . . “engaging, interesting, and different” were his exact words. And Kid Two knows books – they keep track of these things at school, and he consistently reads several million words worth of stories each year.


So here is a shameless shout-out to Axel and Colt. Congratulations, my friend. It’s a great story, everyone, just click here to read it for yourself. If you have a kid, or are a kid, or just enjoy a good story, click here to buy the book! It’s a great way to kick off summer reading.