Summer of Top Chef love starts tonight with the first episode of Top Chef Masters  – woot! Not sure how much love the chefs will be feeling once they find out their first challenge is . . . skydiving? Really, Bravo? I was ready to go find a tranquilizer just WATCHING this preview. Not sure I would have made it on the plane; I certainly wouldn’t have made it off like this:

I enjoy Top Chef Masters, in part because they compete for charity – a $100,000 prize! – and seem much more . . . collaborative. No claws. Bryan Voltaggio makes the jump from Top Chef finalist (Season 6) to Top Chef Masters contestant, the first chef ever to make that jump. And in this season’s Top Chef twist, each chef is represented online by sous chef – well-deserved exposure for an equally talented group. Here is tonight’s clip:

I’m going to try my hand at live tweeting tonight’s episode. You can follow me on Twitter @lifeinaskillet.