Every week I try and catch Wiki Wiki Wednesday on KZSC; it’s broadcast from 6 to 9 am Pacific time, which sometimes interferes with either sleep or Morning Edition. It’s worth it to hear a gem like this. . . here is “Huli Huli Chicken” from the Barefoot Natives:

Huli huli chicken and huli hull-style chicken has a big following in Hawaii . . . story goes, it was first made by a man named Ernie Morgado from Pacific Poultry who was cooking at a company event. This version of his teriyaki barbecued chicken, made with a now-patented sauce, was so delicious it became part of the Hawaiian food culture. It got its name because the chicken was cooked between two grills and flipped over, and “huli” is the Hawaiian word for “turn.”

I love it when a dish is so culturally ingrained it gets its own song. Peaches, anyone?