There are some things – images, tastes, sounds – that separate the forest and the trees, the dancer and the dance, the beautiful and the sublime. You stumble across them in the most unlikely moments, making every encounter with magnificence that much more magnificent.

Here is one of those things – the most “amusing” amuse bouche ever:

amuse bouche sierramar


This, straight from the imagination of Post Ranch’s Sierra Mar restaurant chef John Cox. It’s a test tube filled with a layer of plum gazpacho topped off with lemon verbena crème fraîche, microgreens, and finished off with . . . wait for it – pop rocks!

“You’re supposed to shake it and shoot it,” directed Heidi, our fantabulous server. We’d been sitting at the infinity pool at the Post Ranch for most of the afternoon and had decided to stay put in robes and bathing suits for dinner. She was smiling – just like all the servers I saw delivering the test tubes of interesting. How could you not look so obviously delighted to pass these around as an introductory course?

So we shook it and shot it and then laughed at it. It was honestly hilarious, the fizzy sound of the pop rocks, the sweetness and fuzz in your mouth, the unexpected difficulty at getting all the microgreens out of the tube.

Sometimes life really is sweet.


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