One of my first blog posts – was about a relatively rare excursion to San Jose, in the rain to boot, a sweet day that ended up with Kid One buying lunch at old-school Antonella’s Italian Restaurant near the Rosicrucian Museum. Fast forward 8 years (8 years? Really?!). Excursions to San Jose are still somewhat rare, but Kid One continues to find the cool places and treat me out to lunch, and in the same location, in a nice touch of cyclical magic. Antonella’s is gone, replaced by the new-school Park Station Hashery, and I absolutely loved everything about it.: the fresh and energetic vibe, the clean lines of the decor, the open kitchen, bar seating, the seasonal menu, and the local IPA selection.


But it was brunch, so we started with a perfectly drawn cappuccino:

cup of cappuccino with a leaf design in cream

And mimosa:

wine glass with orange beverage garnished with an orange slice


I thought it fitting to order the corned beef hash. The corned beef was nice and lean and the dish was lightly seasoned. I added a splash of hot sauce to dress it up a little:


He got the chilaquiles with poached egg and pinto beans, a hearty way to start a winter day:

Guacamole and crumbled cheese on top of corn tortillas with enchilada sauce


We liked it so much we went back another day, this time for a weekday lunch. It was even better than the brunch; I got the chicken arugula pizza. The crust was thin and crunchy and the arugula is nice with the chicken:

Round pizza with red sauce, green arugula, white cheese


He got an open face steak sandwich, a savory cut of beef on top of Texas toast-style bread with paprika steak fries:

plate with medium rare steak, steak cut fried, pickle spear and onion and tomato slices on top of a leaf of lettuce

Restaurants change owners, names and menus. People get older, have different tastes, different interests. But all the inherent qualities remain the same. It’s still a restaurant. I’m still going to a restaurant, in this location, with my son. I’m keeping this restaurant high on my San Jose Places To Eat list and am looking forward to the next places Kid One finds for me.

Park Station Hashery is located at 1701 Park Avenue in San Jose, CA