Here’s a fun thing to do if you’re staying in the vicinity of Las Vegas’s Cosmopolitan Hotel and are in the mood for a foodie treasure hunt. Look around and see if you can find their Secret Pizza spot. It’s not on any hotel directories, not on their website, not mentioned in any of the ephemera in their groovy rooms. When you do, reward yourself with a slice or two of their chewy thin-crust pies with light garlicky tomato sauce and perfectly browned cheese.

Slice of mushroom pizza

It’s not particularly hard to find if you’re looking for a hidden restaurant, but it IS almost impossible to stumble into. I’m not going to tell you exactly where to look, but here’s a hint: keep your eyes open for a hallway lined with vintage Italian album covers.

Hallway with a wall lined with album covers

It’s a very unadorned space with a simple menu: pizza, cannolis, IPA, and fountain drinks, You can play a little vintage Monopoly pinball after you eat, or amuse yourself browsing that wall of album covers. They’re pretty rad. And enjoy!

Monopoly pinball game