Beyond the Label


Can you print me out a burger, mom?

I am completely flabbergasted at this Jetsons-meets-Chickienobs notion that one day in the not-so-distant future we’ll most likely have the ability to push a button on a kitchen device and be delivered a steak or burger. It’s called “bioprinting,” and people are actually working to figure out ways to let us have our cows and eat them too. Check it out.

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Are calorie counts really accurate?

A recent almond study that showed that they have 20% fewer calories than thought, which begs the question . . . what’s up with calories? Are they estimates, abstractions, or even accurate? Here’s all the scoop for you – how they’re measured, what they represent, and why numbers vary. Plus, a very good video from a filmmaker who learned that some of his favorite foods have more calories than labeled.

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Is there really meat hidden in foods?

I found the graphic online and can’t figure out who created it. Google “8 foods you didn’t know contained meat” and you’ll find 4,290 websites with this image, or a variation thereof. Ick, right? I think that title is deliberately provocative and more than a bit misleading. Supposedly all these products contain meat? How accurate is this, really? Yes, I’ve been nosing around. Here’s what I found out:

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