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Recipe: Holiday Cranberry-Satsuma Relish

Here’s this year’s Thanksgiving cranberry sauce recipe. It’s sweet and tart, vegan and low glycemic. It’s great on turkey sandwiches before AND after the holidays … it’s a keeper!

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Beyond Meat Beefy Crumble Tacos

I was excited for this opportunity to test Beyond Meat, a new plant-based sustainable meat substitute, and found that the Fiesta flavor crumbles make a delicious taco topping. Click here for my recipe.

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Recipe: Balsamic zucchini “chips” with garlic and almonds

The zucchini harvest has begun! I’m not yet regretting the 5 plants I popped in the ground planning for a summer of squash blossom quesadillas and my dream of edible flower pizza, but the season is young. No doubt in a couple of months I’ll find a monstrous zucchini or two hidden under the scarlet runner beans as in years past and have to do something drastic again.

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Hot weather celery salad

Climate change is the new black. My peppers and tomatoes are happy; the dog is miserable; the boy has the swimming unit in P.E. this month so he is just fine. Hot days deserve cool meals, you know, so here’s a recipe for a celery and jicama salad that promises to take the edge off the heat.

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One pot meal: chicken-garlic-rice

This is an easy one-pot meal featuring a whole chicken, lots of garlic, and rice cooked slowly together. Try this when you are looking for a hearty but easy family meal.

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Ahi Tartare Just Like Michael Mina

One weekend LL and I spent the weekend in San Francisco to see Kiki and Herb at the A.C.T., but the show seemed sad and we were happy so we snuck out and walked down to the St. Francis where we went to sit at the bar at the Compass Rose but it was the new Michael Mina (which is the old Michael Mina now) and we were wowed by his tuna tartare.

It was one of those astonishing dishes, prepared table side – in our case, bar side – with gorgeous pink rich ahi and crisp sweet diced pears and salty pine nuts with the zing of garlic and the heat of jalapeño held together with quail eggs. It was a dish we had to recreate.

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