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Herb and nasturtium biscuits à la Julia Child

Cooking with flowers – this is one of my 2013 New Year’s resolutions, so I couldn’t resist sneaking nasturtium petals into Julia Child’s herb biscuits this morning. Her classic recipe produces light, flaky biscuits, and the addition lemon pepper and spicy nasturtium petals add extra zing. Lovely at brunch with scrambled egg or at dinner with curried celery root soup. Click through for the recipe.

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Sweet potato and bacon biscuits à la Emeril Lagasse

A recipe for sweet potato and bacon biscuits are elegant, moist enough to eat plain, and quick and easy to make at home in under an hour. The recipe yields 18-24, so it’s an hour well spent. These freeze well and are super kid-friendly.

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Applesauce puffs in the wetlands

Students learn about food webs and food chains in the Watsonville Wetlands, and I remember that feeding kids’ bodies is just as important as feeding their minds. Includes a simple, kid-friendly recipe for Applesauce Puffs.

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