Here are my delicious salad and side dish recipes for you to try:

Easy scallion cakes (green onion cakes)

Scallion pancakes are really delicious – savory and tangy with a little bit of crunch from the fried bits. And they are relatively easy as well, they just take a little bit of time.

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Tangerine and watercress salad

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the wonderful recipes in Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken’s Cooking with Too Hot Tamales. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been using it! – that book certainly one I’d take to be stranded on a desert island. (Along with Top Chef CJ Jacobson to cook for me!) This tangerine and watercress salad is one of the reasons why – it’s perfect for these winter satsumas and clementines piled up at the grocers. Read on.

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Warm asparagus salad

A summer recipe for grilled asparagus salad with toasted pine nuts, crispy prosciutto, and salty parmesan. Mmm.

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In a pickle

Most recently, my universe wanted pickled red onions.

It started one afternoon when Kid Two and his Buddy sat here after school and ate an entire jar of baby dill pickles and a one of cornichons for their snack.

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Photographs and memories and potato salad

Awkwardly slow-dancing to “Nights in White Satin,” bar hopping on Bourbon Street, and really, really, irresponsible adult chaperones. Food often evokes memories, of course. But in this case the memories were so elusive, and the food item so rarely cooked, the recollection took months to surface. It’s all the power of potato salad.

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