Soups and stews

Garlic and bread soup

That idea of garlic soup, a strong, aromatic, rejuvenating broth, really appeals to me. Here’s a recipe from my garden and homemade stock made from leftover roasted chicken, but it’s just as good with dried herbs and a nice quality supermarket stock. The garlic flavor mellows out with cooking, and it’s an easy recipe. You don’t have to worry about peeling and mincing the garlic very much. I cut and smashed a whole head of garlic, then strained it after simmering. Try it.

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Curried celery root soup

Here’s a recipe for fabulous warming winter root vegetable soup recipe with celeriac and curry. It’s my delicious and divine interpretation of a soup we tried at Big Sur’s Nepenthe one night. Easily adaptable to a vegetarian diet and completely gluten-free. Enjoy!

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Artichoke soup recipes

I saw a short tweet just now about a creamy crock pot artichoke soup, and when I clicked through found this wonderful, short booklet put together by Ocean Mist Farms, a local grower. Click through for the link –>

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Leftover rotisserie chicken stock

Toss your leftover rotisserie chicken in a pot with a few vegetables, herbs if you desire, and some water. Simmer as long as you can stand it, and you’ll have a perfect, luscious, rich, nutrient-laden stock to use as a base for your soups and sauces.

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Americana on the road: Andersen’s split pea soup

Here’s a classic road trip stop located in Santa Nella, California: Andersen’s Pea Soup Restaurant. If you’re headed to Yosemite or Tahoe, San Francisco or Santa Cruz, or anywhere else in Northern or Southern California and find yourself cruising along the state’s north-central bit of Interstate 5, it’s a great stop to pull over for clean bathrooms and a big bowl of that smooth, flavorful, green soup that tastes of home and will warm you air-conditioned hearts. Gift shop Mad Libs are optional on your way back out to the car.

Then when you feel like recreating the taste of vacation on a cool winter day, whip up a pot of your own. They discontinued selling this in cans several years ago, but they shared their recipe. Make a big batch of your own, enough to freeze the extra to pull out to reheat for a quick supper.

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Plantains, provecho!

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken’s smoothly sweet soup of plantains, parsnips, and leeks. Elton John is the reason I found the recipe. Every meal tells a story, and here is just one.

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