First fruit

First fruit

Tons of rock. Yards of soil. Comparing the relative values of heirloom seeds vs. organic starts. Six trips to the nursery to puzzle together a jigsaw of drip irrigation. Finally my garden fantasies are starting to bear fruit.

Thanksgiving dinner in a roll

Thanksgiving dinner in a roll

A complete Thanksgiving feast rolled up in flatbread and served to thirty 6th graders – portable, healthy, fun to eat, inexpensive, and delicious.

The Baby Food Diet!

The Baby Food Diet, really??? The story isn’t really about Jennifer Aniston at all. It’s about our celebrity-obsessed, body-obsessed culture reaching out for another magic bullet – a shortcut to perfection to make our lives complete. It’s boring to hear that it’s really a never-ending path littered with hard work.

HFCS, a gloppy monster

News that Hunt’s is cutting high fructose corn syrup from their catsup recipe makes me wonder if HFCS will fall into the “seemed like a good idea at the time” category along with DDT and subprime mortgage loans. I cut it out of our diets over decade ago and since then it just sounds worse and worse. Give me my sweets straight from the plant, please!

The water in meat. Plus, a recipe

Thoughts about water: too much, not enough, and how much water it takes to grow a pound of beef. (hint: Lots!) Plus a recipe for dinner thrown together from leftover corn, rice, and pine nuts, accidentally vegetarian, absolutely delicious.

The Impromptu Vegetarian

Lentils and eggplant, oh my! Kid One makes a deal with a friend to go vegetarian for a week. Mom calmly accommodates him, and in the end is inspired to continue experimenting with meat-free meals.

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