The elimination challenge is Top Chef’s epic Episode 15 – Glacial Gourmand?  Simple, really; no stress at all. Just Create a dish that Represents the Defining Culinary Moment in Your Life which will be served to the Governor of Alaska.

Winner Brooke Williamson created this braised chicken and quail dish. She has said that knew she wanted to be a chef from the age of four, and so the chicken part of the plate was inspired by her childhood memories – her mother’s cooking – and the quail represented where she’s evolved as a chef. It’s loaded with flavor from shitake mushrooms, kombu, duck fat, and carrot juice and served with barley, pearl onions, and pickled turnips.

It’s a complex blend of flavors, but not more than you can chew. Here’s Michael Voltaggio coaching us through a re-creation:

I can’t wait to try it! Click here for her recipe from

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